Lunch provided for all law enforcement in Martinsville, Henry County

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HENRY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) A Henry County man is asking you to thank a police officer.

Paul Farrar and Blue Ridge Auto Group of Martinsville presented a check to officers Tuesday.

Farrar wanted to provide lunch for all 250 officers in the Martinsville and Henry County area.

He hopes this creates a domino effect of appreciation.

"If you see a police officer out there in the world, just say thank you for your service. They would appreciate it. Little stuff like that goes a long way for folks," Organizer Paul Farrar said.

"People feel comfortable to approach them and say thank you for your service and we just never saw that like we see it now. And it means, I think each time, it increases the moral of our departments," Martinsville Sheriff Steve Draper said.

The officers WDBJ7 spoke with agreed. They say a simple thank you makes a huge difference in their day.