Lynchburg Boys & Girls Club comes to Dearington

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LYNCHBURG, Va. The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg will move its second "club house" to Jefferson Park. Leaders say said it will provide a fun and stable environment for up to 50 kids, and will help keep them out of trouble.

Christine Goode has and works with children at the Lynchburg Boys and Girls Club and likes the idea.

"Give the kids something to do and a positive life, to show how a positive life should go," said Goode.

They're moving one of the programs from the Presbyterian Homes Campus of Humankind to Jefferson Park in the Dearington neighborhood.

Goode visits Dearington often and thinks it will help the youth there.

"They get bored and they attempt to go out and do something because they're bored. They ain't got nothing to do until they go out and do the wrong thing," said Goode.

The move is part of a partnership with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation. They believe it will help better serve kids.

Lynchburg Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Mark Sheehan says the reading and recreational programs the organization plans to offer there will help prevent summer learning loss and put them in a positive environment.

"If juveniles do not have positive places to attend they get in trouble, be it petty crimes or major crimes," said Sheehan.

Leaders plan to start the program at Jefferson Park in the middle of June.