Lynchburg City Schools to host virtual field day

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Lynchburg City Schools held a virtual press conference Friday to discuss their plans for a virtual field day this year.

A screenshot shows the web page for the school district's virtual field day plans. WBDJ7 photo.

The virtual field day is scheduled for May 29.

Families will be able to access a full schedule of activities to do that day online.

Some of the activities included are singing, dancing, coloring, and a virtual art exhibit

"Just to have all of these creative juices flowing at one time, it just shows what we can do when we have to think outside the box and I think this really demonstrates all of us thinking outside the box. And who will benefit? Our students," said Sharon Anderson, Heritage Elementary School principal.

School officials say that those who can't participate next Friday don't have to worry.

They plan on leaving the day's plans up throughout the summer.

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