Lynchburg City Schools working on new collaborative effort with volunteers

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- School leaders are looking for ways to address the 25 percent of students at Lynchburg City Schools that are not achieving up to par.

LCS task force working on new effort with volunteers (WDBJ7)

They plan to do that through a new volunteer initiative to ensure your student is succeeding.

It's in an effort to fulfill the Lynchburg City School's mission statement: "Every child, by name and by need, to graduation."

A new collaborative effort between the school system's task force and volunteers is working to directly address the achievement gap and impact the future of the community. "We hope it will be a part of the Poverty to Progress initiative that the Mayor has in the city," said Superintendent Larry Massie.

The goal is to replicate the volunteer programs at Dearington Elementary, such as the Boys and Girls Club and school based events, that are proving to be successful.

Community members can also volunteer by helping a student with their school work, or spending lunch time with a student.

Dearington Elementary Principal Dani Rule says he hopes this new partnership will continue to show results. "And part of it is OK let's develop a model that's efficient, that's successful and duplicate it. If it works there then it's probably good enough to work with little tweaks here and there at other places."

At other places and in other areas such as school accreditation. Doctor Larry Massie says the new volunteer initiative will aid in the city's school accreditation status. "And it can be a help in achieving full accreditation for school, all schools in Lynchburg city."

Fulfilling their mission of giving every child what they need to be successful. "It's the age old saying, it takes a villiage to raise a child so everybody has a part in that and figuring out what your part in that will help our children succeed and that's our future," said Rule.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact LCS's Culture and Engagement office at (434) 515-5048.