Lynchburg City planners recommend approving a Border Street hotel proposal

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Lynchburg planners have given their stamp of approval to a hotel proposal on Border Street.

The project is proposed to go in where the old Billy Joe’s ice cream parlor used to be next to the Kirkley Hotel.

Sandpiper Property Management, a Richmond based company, wants to buy the land and bring in a 122 room Woodspring Suites extended stay hotel.

“While there is nothing more nostalgic probably than an ice cream parlor, I'm sure people have good memories there,” said Rachel Frischeisen, planner for the city. “It's a site that has sat vacant for a very long time so it's just exciting to see some activity on the site.>>

Planners are passing on a positive recommendation to City Council. Council will give final consideration to the project during their meeting next month.