Lynchburg College hosts conference for college honors students

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LYNCHBURG, Va. Some of the most accelerated learners from colleges across our state are sharing their knowledge in Lynchburg this weekend.

Lynchburg College is hosting "The Magic of Honors." The event is a two-day conference for the Virginia Collegiate Honors Council.

125 students from honors programs at 18 different colleges in Virginia are participating.

They're getting a chance to share research projects on topics ranging from gender to air quality.

"They will be critiqued and they will be judged, and then at the end they will be awarded prizes for the most effective presentations," explained Ed DeClair, director of the Westover Honors program at Lynchburg College.

The Virginia Collegiate Honors Council holds its spring conference on a different campus each year. This year's event is being organized by LC's Westover Honors students and faculty.