Lynchburg College opens stairwell for rappelling activities

LC's new indoor vertical rope works site (WDBJ7).
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Lynchburg College students now have a way to take learning to new heights.

Organizers with the Lynchburg Outdoor Adventure Program installed a new indoor vertical rope works site for students, faculty and staff.

The addition is in the atrium of the Drysdale Student Center and provides a place to practice technical skills through rappelling ascending and rescue workshops.

The Coordinator for the Outdoor Leadership Programs says they picked this location to keep the practice more secluded. "Where we had been doing these kinds of workshops in Wake Field house and it's loud and noisy with folks doing workouts in there. Here it's much more quiet, private, a lot of folks don't even realize that this stairwell exists so not a whole lot of foot traffic back here," said Peter Berry.

Berry says the rappelling ropes will be available for students and staff at least once a week.