Lynchburg "Festival of Lights" brings new tradition to city park

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Lynchburg Parks and Recreation is giving the city a new way to celebrate Christmas.

The organization is holding its first annual "Festival of Lights." The entrance to Riverside Park has been dressed up with thousands of lights and other seasonal decorations, created by Parks & Rec and other organizations.

The new display was created by Parks and Recreation employee Venus Hamlett, who wanted to bring a tradition to Lynchburg from her hometown of Newport News.

"One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was riding around the city looking at lights, so I hope this will become a tradition of families to come through here each year," explained Hamlett, a community recreation programmer for Lynchburg Parks & Recreation.

The light display will be on every night from 5 until 9 through January 1.