Lynchburg Lego team will compete on the state level this weekend

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A Lynchburg team of Lego masters will be competing on the state level this weekend.

Meet the “Block-ness Monsters” and their Lego robot, “Nessy”. All of the students are in elementary school and compete on the GO Center’s Lego team out of R.S. Payne.

The Blockness Monsters qualified as one of two teams in Central Virginia to compete in Harrisonburg for the state wide competition.

This year's competition theme is Hydro-Dynamics. That means they had to learn how to code a robot to solve problems in the water infrastructure on a Lego game board. One scenario had the robot ride and fix a broken pipe made out of Legos, on its way back it would fix a well and then make it rain.

The students also got to take the lesson out of the classroom.

“We got to take a trip to the water treatment plant and we got to speak to a Hydrogeologist, Dr. Loop, so we learned a lot,” said Gavin Johnson, a third grade student on the team.

The team of nine students will head to Harrisonburg and compete with their robot this weekend. The goal of the activity is to teach the students problem solving skills and how to work as a team.