Lynchburg man shares decades long battle with addiction

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Lynchburg, Va. (WDBJ7) "I knew I didn't like the taste, but I did like the effect. And it was just a small little bit, but I'm 10 years old."

That's when John Rice's addiction to alcohol began.

"When I drank it opened the door to everything else," Rice said.

After battling addiction for decades, Rice is now nine months sober. And it hasn't been easy.

"I'd come to the end of myself. I was ready to die," Rice said.

Damien Cabezas is the CEO of Horizon Behavioral Health.

"There are no single faces of recovery. It affects all people and families. We wanted to come together to as a community to celebrate recovery. To demonstrate that recovery is real and that people can and do recover," Cabezas said.

Although the process takes time, Cabezas says, "[Rice] is well on his way to recovery, which we're thrilled about that."

According to Rice, "It's a process. It's a process I want to speed up because I want instant gratification. I've learned to just not fight the process and allow it to happen."

Rice's son was there to hear him speak today and John refers to his son as everything he wishes he could've been.