Lynchburg Police believe break-ins on Fifth St. may be related

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- A string of smash-and-grab burglaries have businesses lining Fifth Street in Lynchburg on alert.

Surveillance footage captures someone trying to break-in to Grey's Restaurant on Fifth St. Sun. May 12th

The Lynchburg Police Department is investigating three break-ins and one attempted break-in on Fifth Street. Each happened within the past two weeks.

The most recent break-in was at Family Dollar early Wednesday morning. According to store manager, Teresa McKinney, someone shut off the power, threw a rock inside, shattered the window and left with a large amount of tobacco items.

It was the second time in the past two weeks that the Family Dollar was hit. On May 3, the other front window was smashed.

"It is very upsetting to our community. Very upsetting," said McKinney.

Less than a week after the first break-in, Connie's Convenience Store down the street, also became a target.

The owner said that someone smashed her back door with a rock and stole cigarettes.

Grey's restaurant, just up the street from Connie's, was hit three days later. After a busy commencement weekend at Grey's, the team went into work and found a shattered side door.

They said they were thankful, though, that the person didn't make it inside.

In surveillance video, you can see someone walk up to the door and throw a large rock at the glass. Not hard enough, the person picks it up for a second shot and then walks away.

"Unfortunately, we got targeted by some cat who thought he could take advantage of us," said Stuart Marshall, a sever at Grey's.

It was the second time someone tried to break in to Grey's since January, which is why the owner installed a surveillance camera.

Both times the strong glass kept the person out.

It all comes at a time of change and new business in the Fifth Street Corridor. Connie's opened just two months ago. Grey's, last year.

"One guy is not going to stop the wave of you know business and change that's coming," said Marshall.

The businesses say they're proud of the new energy on Fifth St. and they will not let the break-ins shatter their goals for a thriving community.

"I will continue to run this store like I've been running it and I will continue to keep it as safe as I can for the community," McKinney said.

"We're going to keep fixing that door. It doesn't matter. He can come back every night of the week. We would not like that and hopefully he will get caught, but it's not going to bring us down," Marshall said.