Lynchburg Water Resources to hold rain barrel workshop

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- With spring just around the corner, one organization wants to help people conserve and use their own rainwater.

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Lynchburg Water Resources will hold a rain barrel workshop this Thursday.

The purpose of the workshop is to educate people on how to use rain barrels to catch rain.

People can then use that water to do different tasks such as watering gardens and lawns.

"Rain barrels are a really accessible way to start thinking about on your personal property, how you're gonna start thinking about where that stormwater can go, and how we can let it kind of absorb a little bit slower," said Nancy Lilly, Lynchburg Water Resources Stormwater Outreach Coordinator.

Registration ends Tuesday.

Barrels can be bought at the workshop for $50.

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