UPDATE: Lynchburg doctors respond after Centra removes colleague

Dr. Dwight Oldham. (File Photo)
Dr. Dwight Oldham. (File Photo)(WDBJ)
Published: Dec. 11, 2017 at 5:25 PM EST
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In an email obtained exclusively by WDBJ7, several physicians at Centra are now responding to what they call groundless accusations against Dr. Dwight Oldham.

Oldham was suspended from practicing and asked not to return to any Centra facility unless he was seeking medical care for himself or a family member.

Centra released a statement last week saying: "We became aware of a pattern of behavior by Dr. Oldham that resulted in a work environment for our team members that was both hostile and unsafe."

In response, eight doctors in the hematology oncology department sent out an email to their colleagues saying in part; "We firmly deny any physically threatening behavior of any kind. ... Dr. Oldham has been a pillar of our medical community for almost 40 years."

In that same email, Oldham himself was quoted as saying "Many of you are wondering what happened, and put simply, my dissenting voice has been silenced. The suggestion that I was physically threatening to anyone is both false and ludicrous. The suggestion that I have ever endangered patient care or safety in any way is also false, and absurd."

WDBJ7 reached out to Dr. Oldham for an on-camera interview, however, he declined, saying he is now seeking legal advice from his attorney.