Lynchburg elementary school evacuated due to smoke in the basement

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Students are back inside a Lynchburg school after being forced out of their classrooms by smoke Thursday morning.

Tim Saunders/WDBJ7

Firefighters were called to R.S. Payne Elementary School around 9 this morning after smoke was spotted in the basement.

Students were briefly evacuated and returned to the school building within an hour. No one was injured and the school did not sustain any damage.

Electrical crews say the smoke may have been caused by work that was happening outside the building. Posts were being dug for a new fence when a worker accidentally clipped a utility line.



An elementary school in Lynchburg has been evacuated because of smoke in the basement.

The Lynchburg Fire Department is at Robert S. Payne Elementary School investigating the source of the smoke.

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