Lynchburg hotel housekeeper helps reunite family with lost wedding ring, new friendship is formed

LYNCHBURG. Va. (WDBJ7)-- If you've ever stayed in a hotel, you can probably relate to the feeling of getting home and realizing you left something behind.

A couple staying at the Lynchburg Comfort Inn lost a wedding ring after a weekend away. But they learned sometimes it's not about where you lost something, but whose hands it ends up in. They were lucky enough that it ended up in the hands of France Hubbard.

Hubbard is in charge of laundry for the hotel. Doing the wash is no chore for “Ms. Fran,” she has it down to a science. Over 200 pieces of linen come down the laundry chute each day.

Two months ago, something extra was hiding in the sheets. The sparkle of a diamond caught Hubbard’s eye.

“When I looked at it I saw all these diamonds,” said Hubbard.

It was a 10 karat diamond ring. Hubbard hoped someone would claim it, so she immediately turned it in to her boss.

30 days passed, no one came and as per company policy Hubbard got to keep the ring.

"I am officially married to Comfort Inn and suite!” said Hubbard.

Days later, the Garretts approached the front desk.

"Is there any chance that there might be a ring on your list? Because I lost one," they asked.

The Garretts are from North Carolina, but both have parents that still live in Lynchburg. Whenever they come to visit, they stay at the Comfort Inn. When they learned about the hotel’s lost and found in June, they thought it couldn’t to hurt to ask about the ring.

The wedding ring belonged to Steve Garrett's mom, passed on to his wife, Shirley.

"Eventually she won't be around anymore and it will be a memory of her," said Garrett.

While Hubbard was technically now owner of the ring, she didn't hesitate to hand it over.

"Knowing that this ring is going back to where it came from, I was happy then," said Hubbard.

The Garretts were happy too, so happy that they got Hubbard a diamond ring of her own.

"You didn't have to do that!” said Hubbard. “I'm not used to these kinds of things."

Hubbard is used to giving. Every morning she gives all of the staff a big wave, smile and hello.

"Good morning!" she yells from the lobby floor.

She then stays in the laundry room and gets to work.

Hubbard doesn't get to interact with guests much, but when she does, it lasts.

"It gives me hope that there are good people and we'll all be able to work it out,” said Garrett.

Hubbard’s ring is currently at the jewelers getting sized. She says when she dies she will pass it on to her daughter, making sure this memory lives on.

"Something that I will have here… the rest of my life,” said Hubbard.