Lynchburg lotto winner claims prize after 5 months

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) It all started at the Speedway gas station on Campbell Avenue.
Aubrey Barbour bought the ticket on Black Friday as part of a tradition between him and his sister.

But last Thursday on June 1st, he found the ticket in a drawer along with 18 others.

After taking them to his local convenience store, he found out that he was indeed a winner. Barbour then went to the Virginia Lottery office in Hampton and found out that he was now a millionaire.

As far as what he plans to do with the money, he plans to invest it, but first, he's going to help his mom and dad.

"In February, my parents house caught on fire and they barely escaped with their life. So, my first goal is to make sure they're taken care of," Aubrey Barbour said.