Lynchburg museum prepares new exhibit dedicated to train history

The history and impact of trains is being explored at the Lynchburg Museum.

A new exhibit is opening at the facility called "A Great Change In the Situation Of Man." It showcases the changes that came to Lynchburg when railroads were built in the mid-19th century.

Historical items like signals, lanterns, model railroads, and uniforms of train personnel will be on display.

Items on loan from the Virginia Museum of Transportation and the O. Winston Link museum in Roanoke will also be featured.

"A lot of railroad buffs are around and we've been fortunate to borrow a lot of items from Virginia museums and private collections," said Lynchburg Museum System Director, Douglas Harvey.

The exhibit opens Saturday and runs through the end of the year. A free presentation on O. Winston Link's train photographs will be held at the museum Saturday afternoon at 2.