Lynchburg officers do push ups to raise awareness about veteran suicides

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Lynchburg Police dropped to the ground to raise awareness about the mental health of military veterans.

Officers did 22 push-ups Monday morning in memory of the estimated 22 veterans who take their own life every day.

The police department held the event to support one if its own who is serving overseas. Officer Gary Takacs is on active duty in Kuwait.

Takacs' wife, Colby, has done 22 push-ups every day this month as part of the "22 Kill" movement, which is bringing attention to post traumatic stress and other mental disorders that impact veterans.

"We just wanted to show support and this was a good way to do that, and draw attention to this important issue," said Lieutenant Malcolm Booker of the Lynchburg Police Department.

The "22 Kill" campaign started in 2012. Since then the suicide rate among military veterans has gone down, but leaders of the organization say they're still working to raise awareness.