Lynchburg leaders consider support for expressway intersection project

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Lynchburg area leaders are setting priorities when it comes to transportation.

This week the Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization will be asked to support a list of road projects.

One of the more significant improvements they're considering is at the intersection of Routes 501 and 221 in Lynchburg.

Planners are recommending a change that would relocate the northbound lanes of Route 501. Vehicles would travel on either side of the Fresh Market shopping center and the current lanes of 501, north of Route 221, would be limited to one-way traffic going south.

"I think it will take some getting used to at first," driver Amanda Bardy said of the proposed intersection improvement. "Some people may get lost, but in the long run it could definitely be beneficial to help clear (congestion) up."

If the metropolitan planning organization votes to support the project, it will then go before the Commonwealth Transportation Board for possible funding.

The Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization is scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon at 4 in the Bank of the James building.