UPDATE: Woman killed outside of Lynchburg apartment complex

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The Lynchburg Police Department has confirmed that a woman was killed outside of an apartment complex on Birchwood Drive on Thursday morning.

Tim Saunders/WDBJ7

Neighbors tell us a woman died after some kind of argument.

People living near the crime scene say they heard "yelling and screaming," followed by several gunshots.

Police aren't calling this a shooting right now, but they have confirmed that a woman is dead and had an apparent gunshot wound. Her identification is being withheld.

Police also recovered a firearm at the scene.

Earlier, a white sheet was covering what appeared to be a body in the parking lot.

Crime scene investigators have been photographing and documenting the scene in the last hour.

Neighbors say the woman who died had three grown children and worked hard to support her family.

The incident remains under investigation.


Lynchburg police are investigating an early morning shooting on Thursday.

It happened around 6:50 a.m. on Birchwood Drive.

A sheet is covering what appears to be a body lying in the parking lot of Birchwood Apartments, between buildings 400 and 500.

A woman who lives in Birchwood Apartments told WDBJ7 that she heard several gunshots around dawn.

Police are on the scene now. WDBJ7 has a crew there to get more information.

Check back for updates.