Lynchburg police officer hit by vehicle while directing traffic during storm

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)— A Lynchburg police officer has been hit by a vehicle and was injured while directing traffic during Sunday night's storm that passed through the city.

According to the Lynchburg Police Department, Officer James Goggins was on foot directing traffic at the intersection of Timberlake Road and Old Graves Mill Road when he was hit by a vehicle.

Officer Goggins was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Police say Officer Goggins' injuries were non-life threatening. He is currently still at Lynchburg General Hospital for further observation.

Following this incident, the Lynchburg Police Department says this serves as an important reminder for drivers to use caution when driving through intersections that are without power and to be on the lookout for first responders and other workers who are assisting with the storm damage.