Lynchburg police see large number of reports in June about phone scam

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Lynchburg Police say they're getting a large number of reports about a scam targeting grandparents.

The crime itself is nothing new. The caller pretends to be a grandchild and says they're in trouble. A fake police officer then gets on the phone and gives the grandparent instructions on how to send bail money.

Lynchburg police say they've received around 20 reports about the scam this month. Some of the victims live in nursing homes.

"To avoid this (scam), ask what jail they are at," advises Sergeant Craig Dowdy of the Lynchburg Police Department. "Then you can hang up, call the jail yourself and see if your actual grandchild is in that jail."

Dowdy says a jail employee would never ask for bail money over the phone.

If you get a call like the one described above, police encourage you to just hang up.