Lynchburg school board approves dress code revisions

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Students in Lynchburg City Schools will follow a new dress code this fall.

The school board voted Tuesday night to approve a revised policy. It contains less detail than the old rules, which some believed placed more restrictions on girls than boys.

The new policy removes what some called "the fingertip test" to measure the length of shorts and skirts. Also gone is the "index card rule," used to measure necklines.

"We think a more reasonable approach, which has general expectations about appropriate wear, is better than a specific approach that disproportionately impacted our female students," said Lynchburg City Schools superintendent, Scott Brabrand.

Teachers will undergo training on the new policy before classes resume.

Since the policy is less specific, administrators want to make sure the rules are applied equally at every school.