Lynchburg student trading cards all the way to South America

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) For 12-year-old Isaiah Bradner, it all started at a friends' house.

"They were extremely weird cause they had symbols and pictures and weird names such as Gardevoir and Pikachu," Isaiah Bradner said.

He wasn't even born when Pokemon came out, but for him that doesn't matter.

"My friends told me that it was a competitive game that had a lot of my traits in it, such as I love mathematics, I love hanging with my friends, I love competition and after I learned how to play it was a natural fit," Isaiah said.

"Initially whenever Isaiah came to me and said he wanted to get Pokemon cards, I said, no buddy, I'm sorry we're not gonna get those," Isaiah's dad, Matt Bradner said.

Thanks to some persuasion, Isaiah and his dad are heading to Brazil to compete in the Latin American International Championship.

"It's really exciting and all of my friends and family members support me," Isaiah said.

"We're pinching ourselves, we can't believe it, his success, but we're taking it as a family experience as well," Matt said.

In the short time he's been playing, Isaiah has become one of the world's top-ranked players in his division. In August he will compete in the Pokemon World Championship game in Anaheim.

"If you win that, you get $2,500 and the title of world champion and that is my ultimate goal," Isaiah said.