Lynchburg to hold first Veterans Day parade in 80 years

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- "Honoring Those Who Serve."

File Photo: Veterans at Monument Terrace in downtown Lynchburg, Va. (WDBJ7)

After nearly eight decades, Lynchburg will hold its first Veterans Day Parade in the city.

The Lynchburg Area Veterans Council, who gathers at Monument Terrace every Friday, is organizing the event.

And they say, it's about time. "There's just a big need to honor the Veterans that have served for all the freedom that we enjoy everyday… everyday," said Michael Brady, a board member on the Lynchburg Area Veterans Council (LAVC) and Parade Organizer.

The parade will feature veterans marching in different formations based on the wars in which they served.

"World War II, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Gulf War and the War on Terror," said Charles Olson, the President of LAVC and Parade Organizer.

And the Grand Marshal for the event: "George Rogers, a World War Two Veteran, served in the Pacific, was a POW," added Olson.

The 98-year-old Veteran, who weighed only 86 lbs. when he was liberated from Japanese captivity, can recall the memories like it was yesterday.

"I remember it very well," said WWII Veteran George Rogers.

And the moment the war ended. "They marched us into Nagasaki and we got on a British aircraft carrier that took us part the way home," he recalled.

Now, after more than 2 years of planning, organizers say the cost to "honor those who serve," is priceless. "It brings tears to my eyes when I start thinking about it … so, I'm excited," Brady said.

The parade is from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday morning on Liberty University's campus.

Organizers ask that you get there early. Parking and shuttle services will be available from CVCC to LU's campus.

For more information on the event,click here.