Lynchburg tow truck driver struck by passing car

Published: Jan. 23, 2019 at 7:19 PM EST
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A driver with Bee Line Transport in Lynchburg was injured Wednesday when he was hit by a passing car while preparing to tow another vehicle.

"One of our drivers was struck by a vehicle today while preparing to tow a large bus with our rotator," the company stated on Facebook. "Not only was he wearing all reflective yellow gear, but it was in broad daylight alongside those two large vehicles with flashing lights.

"STAY ALERT while operating a motor vehicle on the roadway. We are thankful he does not have any life threatening injuries and can go home to his family tonight," the statement read.

Unfortunately, this is not a first for Bee Line. On Dec. 17, 2016, Bee Line driver Jeremy Okes was injured while preparing to tow a car when his truck was hit by another vehicle.

A driver glided over a patch of ice while trying to move over and hit his truck. The impact threw Okes over the guardrail, ripped his shoe off and left him with torn muscles in his chest and legs.

Okes, too, escaped without serious injury.

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