Lynchburg treasurer's office relocates, expands services

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) You can now order license plates for your car in the same office where you pay income taxes in Lynchburg.

The city treasurer has moved to a new location in city hall. Starting today you'll find the office on the first floor, next to the Commissioner of Revenue.

Lynchburg's treasurer collects estimated income tax payments and sells Virginia cigarette stamps to wholesalers.

Those services were previously housed in the basement of city hall.

"This way we're all on the same level and same hallway," Lynchburg's Treasurer Robert Bailey said. "It just makes it more efficient for them and makes us more visible to them."

With the move Lynchburg's treasurer is now offering "DMV Select." Drivers can register and title their vehicle at the office, among other services.

To learn more about DMV Select, visit: