Lynchburg's Bella Rose Plantation restored after August floods

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) - In August, a local wedding venue was devastated by storms that flooded their property. It was among many homes and businesses that were flooded when lakes and creeks overflowed their bounds, creating a dam failure scare. It washed away vintage pews at the Bella Rose Plantation and thousands of dollars of equipment.

Now, even with more rain on the way the business says they're back on their feet, stronger than ever for their brides and grooms

For the owners of the Bella Rose, this is so more than just a wedding venue.

"I'm just glad to have Bella Back!" said Vickie Runk. "We missed her while she was gone! And she's such a big part of everything that we do."

Their love for the wedding venue was deepened when they almost lost it.

Back in the August floods, Runk said they had seven inches of rain in two hours. The creek overflowed its banks, interrupting a party and washing their business downstream.

Lights were ripped up, a road washed out, and the vintage pews were strewn far from their original spot.

But after two months of hard work, Bella, Runk said, is back.

"We were very much anticipating this day," she said. 'So i think every day it just got closer and closer and we just felt like we were just right in its grasp."

Runk said they got a chance to make the space better than before, adding four times as many lights.

And reinforcing the space to protect against future rains like the ones anticipated this week. All that remains is a patch of road to be repaired on the back side of the property.

"I think it's gonna be very rare that that happens again," Runk said of the flooding. "But we built some places up, we put a lot of rock in some places that you know try to protect those areas. I have no way of predicting the future but I think we're better armed at this point."

And for a company that is accustomed to working with love in all it's splendor, Rink said they're happy the community has returned the favor.

"So I feel the warmth and the arms of people around us and I'm just so excited for Lynchburg to welcome Bella back on to the scene just makes my heart very happy."