Magna Vista High School students make differently abled student feel like a queen

Published: Apr. 26, 2018 at 6:40 PM EDT
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Last Saturday was a special night at Magna Vista High School.

It was prom night, the one night where everyone feels like royalty, but there really can only be one Prom Queen.

"Your 2018 Magna Vista High School Prom Queen is Alexis Hankins!" announced the DJ. Then, everyone erupted in cheers.

Alexis Hankins, known to her friends as Lexi, is differently abled, but that's not what her classmates see when they see her.

"Sometimes you just know, you know, sometimes you can just tell when you see a good person, and you can definitely tell with her," says CJ Hughes.

"If you're having a bad day and you walk in a room with Lexi, you're going to be automatically put in a good mood," says Emily Westmoreland.

This isn't the first time Hankins has won the tiara. She was also crowned the school's Homecoming Queen last fall.

"Everybody stood up as soon as she was coming down the aisle and then when they said it, everybody stood up and clapped for a really long time. It was really emotional," says Hankins' sister, Serena Francisco.

Her classmates say this should be a lesson to everyone about kindness.

"Maybe my situations aren't really that bad. I can push through things because she has a problem, you know, a situation, and but she's still finding a way to enjoy her life, enjoy her day, brighten up other people's lives," says Wesley Childress.

"We're all special in some kind of way and Lexi is just a normal person. She just has a special heart," says Allison Lockridge.

The students at Magna Vista say they are family, and they love their sister.