Magnets bring Christiansburg, Virginia Tech students together

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Magnets are bringing together students in Christiansburg and Virginia Tech.

Second graders learned about how polarization and magnetism works through a variety of experiments led by engineering students at Virginia Tech.

College students are graded on their ability to bring their knowledge of the subject to a second grader level.

It was a learning experience for all involved.

"It seems simple for a Senior to come up with these labs and do these things, but it's not. You have got to communicate with a kid, you've got to bring it to their level and doing that and doing it safely is not that simple and they realize that they have to put a little time into this thing," said Virgilio Centeno, a Virginia Tech Professor.

The experiments help the children learn how they all have the ability to be an engineer.