Roanoke man forces son to run to school in the rain for bullying

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5th grader Hayden Thornhill admits he was acting out when he was suspended from the school bus for three days.

"I was yelling, being really obnoxious, jumping from seat to seat.," said Hayden Thornhill.

Hayden couldn't ride the bus, but his father says a ride in their truck or on his bike would be a treat for him; so Hayden had to run to school.

"I was like I've gotta fix this, I have to do something, be proactive," said Bryan Thornhill.

"I thought it was going to be horrible when I started the run I was like oh this isn't too bad," Hayden said.

Bryan Thornhill uses social media often and decided to share Hayden's punishment on Facebook Live.

"What made this different is because it wasn't for the sport. It wasn't to race dad. It was because I lost my privilege. If you don't put gas in our car you walk. you made a mistake," Thornhill said.

What has Hayden learned from his punishment?

"It might be fun being hyper, but after that it's not going to be fun, because you have to pay the price."

Now what about the millions of views of his punishment?

"I didn't think that many people would care that much," Hayden said.

There have been people who agree and disagree with Bryan Thornhill's parenting style; but he stands by the tough love.

"Its called parenting not parented, there is an 'ing it's an action, you keep going with it. It's an everyday process," he said.


A father in Virginia who said his son was kicked off the bus for three days for bullying made him run to school instead. In the rain.

Bryan Thornhill's Facebook Live video , recorded while driving behind his son, picked up more than 1.6 million views. Thornhill says they joke that the boy will either be fast or obedient, but "so far we're working on fast."

Thornhill also shared video of his son's second and third morning jogs, along with parenting advice.

"If you get your panties in a wad seeing a kid jog, well I feel sorry for you," he said. "You probably need a lap or two."

A third video shows he and the boy's sister trying to run with him. The boy leaves his dad far behind.

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