Man killed by Grayson County deputies called 911 threatening officers

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GRAYSON CO,. Va. (WDBJ7) Virginia State Police are now investigating a deputy involved shooting in Grayson County that left one man dead and his family with many questions.

The man Jimmie Smith's family saw Tuesday evening was not the man they knew. His stepson told me Smith had been drinking, and he says that may have played a part in the shooting.

"It was rapid, it was pow pow pow pow. It couldn't have just been one. It had to be more than one person," said Brian Royal, Smith's stepson.

Bullet holes litter Brian Royal house on Powerhouse Road. His family is attempting to process what happened.

"Shocked. I just can't believe it," Royal said. "He told my uncle, he's like, I'm tired of suffering."

Royal and his girlfriend were on their way back to his home in Independence Tuesday evening when they saw blue lights.

Several law enforcement officers were outside the home. The sheriff's office tells us Smith called 911 saying he was armed with an AK-47 and would shoot any officers that came to his home.

"He was a danger to himself, a danger to his family, and his neighbors, and unfortunately for him he was a danger to our officers," said Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan.

Law enforcement officers say they gave several demands for Jimmie Smith to put down his gun but he refused. When Smith pointed his rifle in the direction of the officers, they fired. Smith died at the scene. No officers were hurt.

The deputies who fired their weapons at Smith have been temporarily reassigned, which is routine in deputy involved shootings.