Man walking across country to encourage face-to-face communication

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BLUE RIDGE, Va. (WDBJ7) A recent college graduate is walking and talking across the country. His message is simple -- talk.

Amanda Kenney/WDBJ7

It's not every day a young man walks up to strangers just to have a conversation. But that's exactly what Chris Andrews wants to do.

"I'm crossing the United States on foot to highlight and celebrate the power of face-to-face conversations in a digital age," Andrews said.

Equipped with his yellow vest and carrier, he's talking to anyone he meets.

"The people that I've met along the way so far have been incredible," Andrews said.

A man Andrews met on his journey is on board with Andrews' project.

"I think it's great. More people need to get out and be more sociable than what they are," George Martin said.

So far, he says people are excited to talk.

"It's nice to sit there and talk to somebody and have a conversation," Mark Mathis said.

"Especially a complete stranger, somebody you've never seen before or talked to before," Megan Mathis added.

Here in Blue Ridge, people are genuinely interested in his mission and wish him well.

"As I approached Roanoke and came through Lynchburg there was such a curiosity about the trip and I have at least five to 10 people pulling over a day to just talk to me," Andrews said.

"I'm gonna stay in touch with him and see if he needs anything because I would like to see more of this happen," Martin said.

And that's more than OK with Andrews because that's what this walk is all about.

"Making an effort every day to just be brave, put your phone down, and just go speak to someone," Andrews said.