Many don't use holiday as an excuse to delay fitness goals

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Many people weren't using Monday's holiday as an excuse to take the day off, even from the gym.

Gym 24 in Martinsville had plenty of people working up a sweat.

Some were there for the very first time, and others have been working out for a while.

The owner says he tells members exercising isn't the only component of health.

"The diet is the important part. As I love seeing people come in the gym, we want to push that diet more than we want to push physical side of things. Not that we're going to turn you down for the physical side, but the diet is number one," says Gym 24 owner, Sonny Privette.

The owner says it takes about a month to form new habits, so he encourages anyone that wants to quit after a few weeks, to keep on going and eventually it will feel like a part of your routine.