Many people head to the stores on Thursday night in Danville

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Some people in our area chose to hit the stores Thursday, instead of waiting for the traditional Black Friday.

These shoppers, don't kid around.

One group of guys got to the store at 2:30, but not in search of a certain item, more so for a reunion.

"We all went away to school, separate places, kind of far away from one another, so when we come home we just like to get together and see one another again," says Dylan Rowland.

Behind them, stood hundreds of other shoppers anxiously awaiting for the doors to unlock.

A hot commodity? A 55 inch TV.

"The 4K, the new technology, everybody wants to have it. Even though I don't need it, I want it for myself personally," says Tish Crews.

Most people scoped out the ads before heading inside and had a plan.

"I need the Hatchimals. We need the Barbies. We need the Beats headphones. Everything, we're just gonna fly through here," says Jaime Bethel.

Others just flew by the seat of their pants.

No matter the strategy, most agree it's a great experience.

"It's the thrill of it. It's no fun sitting at home shopping online. I just love being out in it," says Bethel.

Target was open until midnight Thursday.