Many people still without power in Henry County after Friday's wind storm

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HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) The heavy winds caused a lot of damage last Friday, and many are still picking up the pieces days later.

Appalachian Power trucks can be seen all over Henry County working to restore power to customers still going without.

There are still nearly 1,900 people without power just in Henry County.

"You try to get your biggest outages on first because they're on your feeder lines and you got to get those on before you can get the outlying lines on," says Appalachian Power Line Crew Supervisor, Don Nance.

Appalachian Power has to prioritize where they restore power first to ensure efficiency.

"Most of the time, unfortunately, if it's a house service from pole to house, it's going to be down the list," says Nance.

They've also called in a lot of extra manpower, and other electrical contractors to help out.

It hasn't just been lines that are down either, some of the damage has been very extensive.

"We've had a lot of poles broke, cross-arms broke, which takes longer, so it's just all over the county, Patrick County, and parts of Pittsylvania County," says Nance.

Nance says many customers in Henry County may not get their lights back on tonight.

"With the amount of damage that we had and the amount of reports of damage, it'll go into tomorrow," he says.

He says the companies are working hard, and as quickly as they can.

"Be patient, We're doing all we can do," says Nance.

Various power crews have told me the outages are pretty wide spread, and it's a bunch of smaller outages with extensive damage, which is why it's taking some time to get to all of them.

Appalachian Power hopes to have power restored to most customers by Monday at midnight.