Maple donuts are a living tradition at the Maple Festival

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HIGHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) During the week, it’s quiet around the Ruritan donut wagon.

But come the start of Maple Festival, “They line up," according to David Blanchard, the Mill Gap Ruritan President. "And they’ll go close to the end of the parking lot, yeah. They’ll line up and they’ll just stand in line rain or shine.”

Challenging the volunteers inside who make the maple donuts.

“I think we sold maybe close to 31,000 donuts," Blanchard said. "That’s somewhere you know, plus or minus, 2100 dozen in one weekend.”

Donuts so popular they have to limit how many you can get in a single pass.

Out at Southernmost Maple in Bolar, the Puffenbarger family have been busy with their donut production too.

“Make them by hand," said Mike Puffenbarger, Southernmost's Owner:. "Fresh every day.”

The donuts are just part of a range of products at the farm.

“You know, the donuts," Puffenbarger said, listing off what he has to offer. "Candy cream, sugar, maple syrup, we got three brands of maple barbeque sauce all with Virginia maple syrup.”

But when one farm – coincidentally owned by another Puffenbarger family – had to stop making donuts, rumors flew.

“Yes, we are making donuts," Mike Puffenbarger said. "And will continue to make donuts, and I would imagine everyone that’s in Highland County that is making donuts will always continue, somebody will.”

“There are donuts," the Ruritan's Blanchard said of their stand. "Yeah, I don’t know where the wording got away from us, but indeed we have donuts.”

A handmade tradition that’s not going anywhere.

“They’ll come just for donuts," said Puffenbarger "They honestly will.”