"Marathon Man" keeps pushing forward toward race week

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - If you want to run a marathon, you have to be strong.

"One set of your side lunge step out," said Trey Belcher as he explained the workout to Steve Scott.

Steve Scott is no stranger to the pavement - he's been training for the world marathon challenge for several months now - running with one person on his mind.

"I ended up leaving the room and while I was gone, she passed," said Scott as he talked about his mom.

On May 3rd Scott's mom took her last breath; a breast cancer survivor, she was one of the main reason's Scott started running.

His last memory with her was about his journey.

"I took some pictures with her and we talked about Boston, and we talked about the 7-7-7 and the thing I remember her telling me was "be careful," said Scott.

In a lot of ways, Scott's journey is starting over. He's getting back in the gym after several weeks off, and he's thinking about his mom in a new way.

"And that's my goal, to complete this, and come through the last run knowing my mom completed the marathon of life, so I'm gonna finish the 7-7-7 for all these cancer victims out here," said Scott.

He may be starting over but he's not giving up and that takes an enormous amount of strength.