Marshall Foundation may get a new name

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The Marshall Foundation in Lexington could have a new name soon.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Senator Tim Kaine introduced resolutions to congressionally designate it as the "National George C. Marshall Museum and Library."

"It is emblematic of our ambition to put Marshall in front of the American people in a fashion that he deserves to be, and which he hasn't been for quite some time. So we're very excited about this."

If you want a good excuse to visit, the museum is having a Lego brick building contest for kids Saturday, with the theme of "Movin' the Troops."

You need to register with them before you go. To do that, you can call Kathryn Garvin at the Marshall Foundation at 540-461-7103, ext. 124, or online at