Martin Clark completes fifth novel

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Retired Patrick County Judge Martin Clark has written a new book.
His fifth novel and national release is out this week.

'The Substitution Order' is a legal thriller.

And it includes at least one character with a Roanoke connection, a fallen lawyer who is disbarred and moves to Patrick County.

"Let me be real clear. It's not based on anyone, completely fictional," Clark told WDBJ7 smiling. "All the lawyers I know in Roanoke are great lawyers."

Clark said he hopes that his latest novel entertains readers.

"One of my early readers says, it's 'The Usual Suspects,' crossed with a little bit of 'Breaking Bad' and a dash of 'Perry Mason," Clark said. "I hope it's that good."

Clark was scheduled to talk about 'The Substitution Order' during an author event Friday night at Book No Further, an independent bookstore in downtown Roanoke.

Soon he and his wife will drive across the country on a book tour that will take them to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.