Martinsville Fire Department hiring part-time firefighters

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville Fire Department is looking for part-time firefighters.

Fire Chief Ted Anderson says the number of firefighters with the department is low but the number of calls they respond to is only growing.

Chief Anderson says part-time firefighters are crucial to the workings of the department.

When full-time employees need vacation or sick time, the part-time get to step in and most of the time work their way to full-time.

Chief Anderson says in an emergency, every person available counts.

"Even though it can only be one position, that one position on a fire scene or medical scene can be the difference of life or death," Martinsville Fire Chief Ted Anderson said.

Anderson says they have only received less than a dozen applications.

He says anyone that is interested, even if you don't have training yet, reach out to him.

The deadline to apply is November 9th.