Martinsville Police Officer checks on driver, finds kangaroo in the car

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) - For law enforcement, every day on the job is different. Some are better than others. But when a Martinsville Police officer went to check on a car parked on the side of a busy road this week, he had no idea things were about to get pretty wild.

Martinsville Police officer Chase Bennett is proud of his town.

"It's beautiful," he says from the driver's seat of his cruiser.

That's why says he tries to make every interaction as pleasant as possible.

"You never know what you're gonna run into," he said.

Tuesday, he didn't realize the last driver he pulled up on would return the favor. He spotted a driver pulled over on a busy road and pulled up behind her.

"I'm seeing blue lights behind me and I'm like, 'Oh no!'" said Laura Steere.

"She said, 'are you checking on me?'" Bennett said. "I said yeah, just checking to make sure everything's OK."

"And I said thank you so much for checking on me," said Stelle, "but we're fine. I was just checking my kangaroo!"

"So naturally my first response," Bennett said,"a re-real one?"

A real one.

"This is Didgeridoo the Roo," said Steere, holding the marsupial in a large bag, cradles like a baby.

"His ears got me the most," Benett admitted. "His ears were just kinda flopping out."

Laura Steere was on her way home to Infinity Acres Ranch, a non-profit educational ranch, with all kinds of animals.

"When you develop a personal relationship with them," Steere said of the animals visitors get to meet, "you become more passionate about preserving and respecting."

Officer Bennet couldn't resist.

"Who's gonna say no to seeing a kangaroo."

He snapped this picture and Martinsville P.D. shared it to Twitter - with little explanation.

"The majority of folks asked, they thought that maybe I had caught it," Bennett laughed.

But the officer was delighted by the whole experience.

"Oh yeah," he said, "I was 8 years old at the zoo again."

But Steere says she fully expects every adult to have just has much fun as every child.

Which makes it even better.

"When you have that excitement and you have those emotional reactions, that's what drives you to continue and care.," she said, looking down at the kangaroo in her arms. "Oh look at him giving his little bath! It's a joy."