Martinsville Police increasing parking enforcement

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville Police have been receiving more complaints from residents about parking.

Police say the three biggest offenses are parking in handicap spots without a tag, parking in fire lanes, or on the side of the street facing the wrong way.

"Cars are designed with reflectors on the rear of the car, not on the front, so at night if a car is traveling along and it encounters a parked vehicle, if it's parked the correct way they're going to see the reflectors and be able to move around the vehicle," Martinsville Police Captain Robert Fincher said.

The department has received several complaints from citizens about illegal parking.

"It's not something the officers enjoy doing, but we want to respond to the request of our citizens and enforce the parking if that's what they would like for us to do," Fincher said.

Officers aren't the only ones enforcing parking rules. The department has neighborhood resource officers all over the city.

"So if they see something and speak to a citizen and a citizen says, 'This car is always parking wrong they're going to attempt to make contact with that person. If they can't, they're going to be issuing a parking ticket," Fincher said.

The captain says it may not be exciting, but at least residents feel secure.

"Although it seems something that's low level, if this is the big issue they have, then that lets us know people are feeling safe in their homes," Fincher said.

The police department wants to remind drivers to always pay attention to parking signs so you don't get a ticket.

A link to the Martinsville city code, including parking restrictions can be found under related links.

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