Martinsville Police focusing on drug enforcement

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville and Henry County are working together to combat the drug problem in that area.

Combined, the two localities saw 21 drug overdoses in just the month of January- the most drug overdoses per capita in the state.

Thursday, law enforcement held a press conference to talk about the problem.

They say 21 people have been arrested, and indicted, in the last month for drug charges.

The police chief wants drug dealers to find legitimate work, or leave the community.

"We don't want you here poisoning our community. We're coming after you. We're relentless about it. We are not going to stop as long as there are drugs in this community, we're going to continue addressing those drugs," says Martinsville Police Chief, Sean Dunn.

The chief says they've had few fatalities, but it could turn into a crisis quickly.

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