Martinsville Speedway brings back famous Jesse Jones hot dogs

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Some good news now for those who missed the famous hot dogs at the Martinsville Speedway - they're coming back!

The Speedway President says he heard the cries of fans to bring back the familiar "Jesse Jones" hot dogs, and they made it happen just in time for the March race!

"We're proud of the fact that we have a signature product. There are stadiums across the country that have a signature item, and the hot dog is our signature item," says Martinsville Speedway President, Clay Campbell.

Speedway president, Clay Campbell says they sell about 60,000 on race days. I mean hey, they're only two bucks and they come with toppings already on them.

"You go to most ball games and you get a hot dog and nothing is on it, you have to go fix it yourself," he says.

Not this hot dog. First of all, it comes on a toasted bun.

"It's like you're making one at the house. It's pretty special," says Campbell.

Then, the dog itself: the pink Jesse Jones hot dog fans have come to know and love. Finally, all the good stuff that's piled on top.

Mustard, chili, cole slaw and onions are all piled on top to make the completed product - the famous Martinsville Speedway hot dog.

Campbell says the fans should be happy.

"We have listened to our fans. Our fans demanded that we get the Jesse Jones hot dog back," says Campbell.

The new hot dogs will make their comeback at the STP 500 in March.