Martinsville Speedway donates $10,000 for deputy training

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HENRY CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville Speedway leaders are taking extra steps this year to make sure fans are safe.

Speedway leaders have donated $10,000 to the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell says safety is always a top priority at the races and that means making sure local law enforcement is trained with the latest large venue tactics.

Sheriff Lane Perry says the public will see some changes this year.

"Planned security, how to respond if something happens. And of course, how to be more preventive," Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry said.

"And the practice they get here, obviously if something happens in our community it should be much easier. And if they have the proper training, that hopefully we are helping with, then that's just a win win for both of us," Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell said.

Around 150 officers and deputies are at the speedway during peak race times.

Perry says they will be using the money to take SWAT training on a public venue format.