Martinsville Speedway invites breast cancer survivors, NASCAR drivers to paint the curbs pink

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville Speedway is gearing up for the big race next weekend and its getting some help sprucing up the curbs thanks to some pink paint, and breast cancer survivors.

Not only did the survivors get to paint the curbs pink, but they also got to ride around the track with two of NASCAR's finest.

Dozens of survivors got to sit in the passenger seat as Ryan Newman and Kyle Larson put the pedal to the metal for a few laps around the track.

"Awesome! Absolutely awesome!" exclaimed one participant.

Twelve-year survivor, Michele Meanley says she thought the worst when she first found out.

"Once you hear that diagnosis it's just, you know, the big C-word and the second big C-word is chemo because of course, your hair is gonna fall out and all that," says breast cancer survivor, Michele Meanley.

She didn't let her diagnosis get her down.

"I said I'm gonna do everything I can to fight this," she says.

Meanley stands alongside a long list of survivors and she owes it all to cancer organizations and research being done.

"There are currently 3.1 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today, so that deserves a huge round of applause," says Lisa Bottomley with American Cancer Survivors.

All of the survivors were grateful for the chance not only to take a few fast laps, but also to NASCAR for showing its support.

"All of this is to just fight back, to let other people know that it's worth a fight. Even on the race track, we can still fight," says breast cancer survivor, Patricia Via, "Don't take anything for granted because this thing called breast cancer is real."

The survivors had a great time. They say if they can survive breast cancer, they can survive anything.