Martinsville Speedway removes some of its seating

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The grandstands at Martinsville Speedway will look a bit different to fans when they fill the seats in March.

Fans from all over come to the Martinsville Speedway to cheer on their NASCAR favorites.

Lately though, the speedway hasn't been filling up.

"If you look at attendance now versus what it used to be, obviously we're not filling up, and that's across the board. But if you look at all major league sports they're re-purposing and doing different things to the facilities and their stadiums," says Martinsville Speedway President, Clay Campbell.

Speedway officials decided to remove some seats. Several rows of seating were removed from both ends of the speedway.

"We've removed some of the seats that we really didn't need. Rather than, some places they take out there worse seats on the bottom, we took out the seats highest up in the grandstand," says Campbell.

Speedway officials say that by taking out some of the seats it will actually add to the fan experience.

"That's a long way to walk. One grandstand was 182 steps to get to the top. These that you're looking at behind me, they're way up there," says Campbell.

Now, the top row is even around the whole track. Campbell says it looks a lot cleaner.

"I think the fans are going to like it. If you look behind me you'd never notice the seats are gone anyway," he says.

He says people shouldn't worry if their favorite seat is gone.

"Every seat in the place is great, so it wouldn't matter which seats we left and which ones we took out. They're good seats," says Campbell.

Campbell says they'll also be adding more entrance gates in the coming months to get people in the gates quicker.