Martinsville Speedway to install LED lights at the track

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Martinsville Speedway announced Wednesday that it will install lights at the track.

The speedway says it will be the first major motorsports facility to install LED lights.

Speedway President Clay Campbell made the announcement Wednesday afternoon alongside Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It's a $5 million project that will begin immediately following the Goody's Fast Relief 500 in two weeks.

The addition will serve as an insurance policy against early evening finishes like last fall's Cup race when the checkers waved at almost dark. And it also creates the possibility the track could see night racing in the future.

"The 2017 schedule is already set and times are set as well so we're good for 2017. Speculation beyond that would be a moot point but it does enable us to explore more options than we have now and that's the main thing," Campbell said.

Dale Earnhardt Jr said: "It's a long time coming. Every short track ought to have a set of lights, just in case. Even if Clay won't admit that they'll be running night races here one day, you know that's a great possibility and it's exciting for me. I think it's exciting for the drivers to have that possibility."