Martinsville Superintendent to stay 3 more years after massive turn around at schools

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ)- When Martinsville School's Superintendent Zebedee Talley took over in 2016, none of the city's schools had accreditation. Telly believes bar was being set too low by the schools.

"We lived in an area where the unemployment was high, the poverty was high, and at the same time we didn't really expect the young people to succeed." say Talley.

Talley says the schools began to change their mindset and within two years every school in Martinsville became accredited.

"We are seeing teachers who believe students can succeed and now they are." added Talley.

This week, it was announced that Talley had signed on for three more years with the city. Now, he can focus on his future goals for Martinsville City Schools.

Talley hopes to expand the opportunities for students to earn certification that would help them start a career straight out of high school.

Talley is also working on plans to add a gym to Martinsville High School. He says the gym would also serve as a community center that would be open to the public. He hopes that would be done in the next five years.